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15 August Monday

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Pictures for Today

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More snow in Tawa (sorry not railway related but to exciting not to share)

Went up a side valley to get above the snow line and play and make the mark two snowman....

For those who have visited Wellington, this is Oriental Bay late this morning - snowing at sea level!

The seagulls were confused!  (JRinTawa)

Something else on the workbench                                                                        (John T'other)
The little diesel I bought at last years East Anglian show:

So far:  re-gauged, new plasticard buffer beams, skirts and steps, new battery holder and connector, and respray.
Still to do: touch up paint, couplings, interior detail to hide battery for roof light, switch for roof light, and add nameplates

Clarabel gets a celestory roof and becomes a store/office for the Wetton Valley Farmer's Co-Operative .......

........ while Annie gets re-mounted on a Hartland bogie flat for use on the tramway. (Mel)

Peckett Whitehead at MRC.... (Steph)

J72 and Jinty at MRC (Steph')

Joan on the Golden Valley Light Railway (Steph')

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