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16 August Tuesday

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Pictures for Today

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A little Regner Vincent video to start the day (CB)

YouTube Video

Couple if pics from Tanfield railway N/E England on Sunday.  It was our Thomas's birthday on the Monday, so what better way of celebrating. (TomB)

Chuffer fitting at the H&MGR Workshops this evening...
Out with the  Regner pipe,
Original Regner pipe

Pull off the Regner chuffer and the Summerlands Chuffer is a straight swap, with the exhaust pipe annealed and rebent to suit.

Fitted back in the smokebox

And down in the top,  it's had the usual chemical blackening.  (JRinTawa).

Ian Galbraith

YouTube Video

Short video taken Monday 15 August 2011.  No trains ran
A photo of the screw I need, this is taken from the regulator. (James)
A shot of the Sittingbourne and Kemsley the last time I visited a few years ago.

Spreewald, my favourite old warhorse has re-entered service today. Now converted to battery RC power. (Mel)

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