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11 August Saturday

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Pictures for Today

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Manawanui in early evening testing after fitting regulator servo...

...and it was a steaming successful test.  (JRinTawa)

The second attempt at transfers, photographed before I have has a chance to mess them up! (CB)

You have to hand it to Rob Bushill. He does make a superbly cast wagon.  (DP)

See it here behind Lilla and coupled to a Binnie GVT. For my taste,
 it would be even better just a touch smaller but probably suits a 
full rake of Swift Sixteen wagons. (DP)

On Thursday we went to watch the medal race but it was called off as no wind. The White Horse is on the hillside but is hidden by the Nothe fort. the spectator area is below the fort. (CB)

Yesterday I was puzzled by this one yacht that was nowhere near the rest of the fleet (about a mile from me). Could this be NZ? (CB)

Fireball, fabulous fast boat. Judith was fearless on a trapeze until
our first child arrived when her body was in the boat but her mind on shore (DP)

Well, I shure did !!

The Shay was clearing the mine kit - which reminds me, they did that a few months ago; I shall have to have words with the foreman

And the Slim Princess sets off on her way

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