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08 August Thursday

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A fairly big step in the Kaitaki build this evening with things fully reassembled so I can sort out how the next bits and pieces will be fitted.  (JRinTawa)

As expected there was a little bit of fine tuning to get everything to fit, a hare's breath here and an ant's knacker but nothing major.

Now everything is together the westinghouse pump does look a bit small but will do until I find something more suitable, hmm or make one.  Still much to do including fitting a DJB whistle, glazing with window frames, wooden cab floor, cab steps, painting the headstocks black and fitting wooden headstock beam and step, piping to the air tanks, a fireman and driver, plus some general loco bling.  Oh and weathering.  Hmm much to do indeed.

The SBahn Radwagen with end-of-train target (AK)

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