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11 August Sunday

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Pictures for Today

Planting is now in progress round the new culvert on the EMR. 

This picture has many features new to the EMR including the new method of planting thyme (with plenty of grit mixed in with the clay), several different plants including hebes and different varieties of thyme. This year is the first time the thyme has established itself in all the different places it has been planted.

The new ballasting method uses the 2mm aggregate brought home from holidays in Derbyshire and is the first ballast used on the EMR which I find comfortable on the eye.

The ironstone forming the structure of the culvert is a first for the railway and is typical of our local area. Both limestone and ironstone are often mixed in the same buildings and in others, completely uniform buildings and structures can be seen, even in quite close proximity.

Here, the newly liveried E&M timber wagons cross the culvert. The transfers are home-produced as usual but they have been edged with matching grey paint before varnishing and this has been very successful in hiding the edges.

There is still work to do on the line and the train. The line cries out for a fence and the train needs chains to hold the load and as a safety for the separated wagons. Plans are afoot for solutions to both.

This one is to make sure that we do not take ourselves too seriously. A brother and sister of friends of ours, ages 7 and 5, made their yearly trip to the railway last week. The Playmobil RCE was in service and performed faultlessly as ever. (JSJ)
Playmobil RCE crosses the culvert


Playmobil CMEE's team (AK)

Driven by a meerkat (Rhino)

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