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10th August Sunday

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Pictures for Today

Of all the things I'll miss once I've fully converted to 7/8ths, I think
the Reuben Elsden Brewery will be the most; it was a labour of love. (DT)

Lady Anne, so much more beefy in black and I love the bigger dome (DT)

The WGRG had a project and maintenance afternoon, and in our usual fashion when we have a winter hall meeting the sun shone!  It was a good afternoon though and there was something really special to see….(JRinTawa)

…Ian Webb's almost complete NZR McEwan Pratt railcar and matching trailer coach in 15mm scale.

This model is craftsmanship at it's best!

True the prototype was painted and didn't have a trailer…but it should have!  And if it had the fine timber work as Ian's then then NZR won't have painted it.  Thankfully Ian has chosen the varnish finish and it's perfect.

Just love these!!  Another pristine example leaves the 'works' this week with the full 'official' Lady Anne kit.  (TomB)

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