26 September Thursday

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Pictures for Today

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New pivot arrangement on the H&MGR log bogies.  One bogie setup to rock fore and aft and one setup to rock to left and right. Pivot bolt is an M2 bolt with a countersunk head which in theory which allows the log bunk to move on the head compare to being held rigid if a cheesehead bolt was used.  The brass plate the M2 bolt goes through is held onto the log bunk with two brass pins, the head of the pins providing the rocking point.  Well that's the theory!  (JRinTawa)

Just look how inviting clear tap water looks on that Cotswold Stone paint finish. Just as I hoped it would. NOW I can really get on with 7/8ths Dennis. (DP)
One for Tom! Newcastle Central Station, 25 September 2013 (AK)
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