Garden Railway Club Annual 2011

by DP

There is now a vast collection of important and useful articles on this club site that may be valuable enough to be published as a paperback. It occurs to me that an ebook is also a possibility but since anyone can freely access the individual articles online, why on earth would they subscribe? The ebook idea is easier and involves little if any capital outlay. It is possible to have an A4 paperback printed in Taipei and delivered to Felixstowe docks within a month of signing off, at a unit cost for 1000 copies of less than £5 per

Who's up for it?

I'd like a preliminary commitment from potential contributors before I begin to approach my printer contacts in Taiwan for a price. 

I want to know

Who thinks the idea is a runner?
Who wants to work on the project?
Who would buy shares in such a project?
Who wants to be a contributor?
Who would like to be editor?
Who would write an article as yet unwritten,
Who would design the book?

Ideas below with names and pack drill.

* Mel - Yes, good idea. Willing to work on the project. Willing to buy shares. Willing to contribute (either an existing article if nominated, or come up with something new). 
* JSJ - Yes I'm in. May I nominate David as Editor? It would drive me to write summat (that's me out for editor with spelling like that...). Shares, fine, what's the divvi? Count me in for some anyway. Design? We can have a crack or we could put it out to elance. An ebook cover by some bloke I know is $39 I believe. Not sure what comes with it yet - we are about to order one.
* CB - I'm in as I think it's a runner. Happy to rewrite any of my pieces to suite or write new. I think David should edit and possibly design too as he has experience. I have commissioned a lot of book and magazine design, but never designed one myself. I am in for shares.
*John Roach - Count me in for some shares; happy to help in some way, but I think I will have to leave articles to to the more prolific/talented modellers amongst us.

Set up an off-site steering group?

*Email me direct

How much could it sell for?