The Garden Railway Club is a website jointly developed by a group of like-minded garden railway enthusiasts.

What brings us together is the pleasure of creating, developing and running our own little railway, in a quiet relaxing sort of way. We enjoy other garden railways which may be quite different from our own. The choice of railway era, prototype (if any), scale, gauge, power source, accuracy (or lack), company, or location do not concern us, though we do enjoy it when a railway has its own unifying character.

All the contributors have a live 'operating' railway in a real garden setting. We have no objection to those who like collecting, dealing, precision model engineering and the like, but this is not what we, or this site, are about.

This is not a forum, it is a collaborative site for us to share our experience, ideas, techniques and developments such that we may learn from, and help, each other. We hope that our jottings may guide and encourage others along the way.

Everything on the site is available to the general public; there's no 'exclusive' content hidden from you.