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Backdrop buildings on the FWR

by Cheeseminer.

The low profile 'buildings' against the fence on the FWR are created in essentially the same way, but using three different materials - mainly what came to hand / suited the location.

The Cannon Bear Factory

This was created simply by shaping an ex-skip sheet of insulated flooring.  No idea what the trade name for this stuff is but it is a rigid light blue plastic foam, about and inch and a half thick.  This stuff is perfect as it's waterproof, but it does dent easily making it useless for anything precise.  It cuts easily with a jigsaw - or a knife if you've one long enough.

The 'roof' is made up of sheets of plastic (margarine tub lids) painted black, the thin barge board is an oddment of something lying around in the garage, etc.

This material takes paint pretty well.  The majority of the building is white masonry paint (if I recall correctly), the bottom, no longer terribly clear, is gloss black, with 'planking' impressed straight into the material using a knike then a wallpapering-join roller (something I've never used for it's intended purpose!).

The signage is simple print-out, painted over with waterproof PVA.  This hasn't lasted terribly well, but suffices.  The downpipe is just and arbitrary piece of black plastic pipe, held on by a wire wrapped around twice (to simulate joints) terminating in twisted wires that then push into the foam material (and a bit of glue).