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Cain Howley station master's cottage

by Paul [owlpool]

I bought this from Steve at Back2Bay6 - I think it was about £40 - good value, unpainted
Its heavy, solid and crisply cast with fine delail, including irregular slates, and realistic variation in the sizes and protrusion of the stonework, making painting with varying shades of "slate waste" colour a bit of fun
the angles of the roof and walls give it an air of having been around and settling for a hundred years


I primed it with Tamiya spray primer
the roof sprayed with Matt dark grey and overpainted with very thinned satin black enamel, dry brushed irregularly to give a varied look
the walls were painted with 3 different shades of matt black and grex mix with either a bit of red blue or green, leaving the primer as the mortar between, then "glazed" with a thinned satin black light brushing
window panes satin black
woodwork gloss dark green
overall protected with Humbrol satin varnish spray



In position with the station, and some [weathered] walls from Steve too