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Silo, by Cadburys

by Cheeseminer

Those familiar with the FWR will know of it's inclination towards a bit on industrial background.  The area beside the track at the KRAET industrial cheesboard factory was just crying out for a large-ish structure.
Those who know the family will know we're ardent re-users/re-cyclers so when faced with a few empty Roses tins, I thought "Aha!  Time for a silo...". (Doesn't everyone?).

Starting point

OK so there's not a lot to this. you get four Roses tins and stick them together..  

Well, there's a few subtle notes from experience.  Before sticking them all together I made sure there was drainage top-to-bottom in case any rain did ever get into the inside.  I had in mind, originally, some fitments on the top that might have resulting in leaks.  If you look carefully you'll see holes in the base of the upturned tin.  There are also holes in the lids (except the top one!  No prizes for guessing why I emphasize that) and ideally you want to punch these through so the there's a small slope left towards the drain.  That said, this could all be completely pointless.  On the other hand, in full sun the air inside will expand, and needs somewhere to go.

The lids were stuck to the times with a bead of gutter sealant around the inside of the tin lid.  The tins are stuck together similarly, taking care that the adhesive is far enough in to not ooze out of the join.

When sticking the tins together align the vertical seams so that tins 1 and 3, and 2 and 4 align; and that both are towards what will be the front. This results in the impression that the silo is made up of panels.

Then all that remains is a couple of coats of suitable paint. I used a grey primer I had handy.

The 'fittings' are just oddments from the oddments box.  One a bit from a cistern if I recall correctly; the other a plumbing oddment.  Somewhere on the to-do list is painting some signage on it - CHEESOIL or some such.

Disclaimers :-)
  • Other chocolates are available.
  • Claims for dentistry or coronary consequences will not be entertained.
  • Any connection between the new owners of Cadburys and KRAET (Flatland manufacturers of industrial cheese) is pure coincidence.  No really, it actually is.