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Plastic figures from Hong Kong

I do not know if you are aware of the plastic figures that can be bought, via E-bay from Hong Kong.

These are I think copies and can be a bit small, but they are cheap, and can be mixed with others - after all people are all sorts of sizes! They re also very useful for the inside of coaches where the small size can be very useful
Here is a link to one site for them,

I bought 80 figures and the delivery was very quick.

The quantities offered seem to change frequently, it may be better to keep an eye on the site till better offers appear. Payment is by Paypal, there is also an Australian site which I think is more expensive.

Here are a couple of photos - the standing male on the extreme right who is part painted is another one , and the unpainted females are also part of the sets offered.
Here are some actual sizes of the figures - starting with the unpainted females - the one sat by the (Prieser) figure of an old lady, is 52.5mm tall, and 25mm wide: the one with a pleated skirt is 70mm tall and 22mm wide, and the second one behind the picnic table seat (which kept them upright!) is 73mm tall and 26mm wide. The last on has her left foot at an angle so it will need a base to keep the figure upright. The young lady with the Parasol is also by Prieser. The lady in green at the rear of the Picnic table is a Fine Folks figure with a slightly modified hat. The trapper at the back of course is another Schliech figure set, (with loaded donkey) and I think is now discontinued. Finally the female on the extreme left is a modified Schliech figure. 

The male, partly painted, and by the side of the (Prieser) pastor and a (Schliech) stable lad, on the extreme right, is another one one from the set(s) , there is also another male in the set(s) moulded in a walking pose, and in shirt sleeves with the sleeves partly rolled up. He is not shown but is 76mm tall and 32mm wide (arms slightly akimbo) . I will be doing some serious surgery on some of mine, (so they can be inside one of my coaches) and also re-clothing them for my earlier period.

Yours Peter B