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Plant Book

Started by Cheeseminer but please add to it.

This set of pages, organised in what may or may not be a useful way, is intended to grow into a reference set of information about plants themselves.  Mainly intended to provide some suggestions for various situations; and perhaps some warnings about plants to avoid!

This page is organised in terms of "what you are likely to use the plant for". 

Under each such section there are links to sub-pages giving more detail about that plant type, and under that, details for particular varieties. It's perfectly feasible that a plant page appears in more than one section (e.g. a small Hebe for a 'bush', a large one for a 'tree'.)

Below is a listing of all the detail pages, so you can access the information either by role or by plant.

Contributor guidelines

When creating subpages, make them of the  'Mini-Pages Page' type so that specific varieties of that plant can be added easily. See the 'Example' page for example.

Once the subpage is in place, create a link on this page.

Few of us have much of a clue when it comes to botanical naming but it helps when it comes to others seeking the same plant at the garden centre, so if you can dig out the label that's probably helpful.

Bushes / ground cover

Scleranthus ("New Zealand Moss")

Flowers / spot Colour

Trees (Conifers)

to do

Trees (other than conifers)

Lonicera Nitida (illustrated)