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By Bruce (H&DLR).
Hardy cyclamen are related to those big blousy blooms sold at Christmas, but are much more delicate in appearance and hardy in character. There are two forms particularly suited to providing a splash of colour in the garden railway environment, Cyclamen Coum and Cyclamen Hederifolium. Both are corms which
once planted will flower for many years. Both like shade or partial shade, meaning they are ideal for planting in wooded areas.
Cyclamen Coum flower in the early spring, in January and February. As such, they are among the first flowers of the year along with snowdrops. The leaf of Cyclamen Coum is heart shaped and rounded in form. Cyclamen Hederifolium flower in the autumn, providing late colour just as the garden becomes dormant. Leaves are heart shaped with more of a point and slightly more toothed edge than the Cyclamen Coum. The leaves of both varieties are delicately patterned. Generally, flowers are light to dark pink, although white flowers can also be obtained.