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One hardy species that looks nice and bushy is the Hebe. They are evergreen and several types have tiny leaves which at a glance are not so overscale that they offend the eye. One particular variety has a paler bluer leaf and has an open structure that looks very much like a small shrubby tree.

Last Summer I bought a very cheap job lot from Aldi, realised I ought to get more, went back and, you've guessed it, they were long gone. Homebase is selling off a variety of Hebes at half price near to me just now and the one ones on offer include 'Green Globe' which has very small leaves and is a neat mid green ball.

Hebes seem very tolerant of many growing conditions and don't object to pruning I have found. They don't complain if you carefully split a plant in two as long as each piece has enough root structure left. best of all, with the help of rooting hormone and a gritty compost, they strike easily from cuttings in late summer and autumn so you might from buying one plant with that aim in mind, end up with many.

Dai Pajero

"Green Globe"(?)

posted 16 Feb 2010, 05:48 by Flatland Cheeseminer   [ updated 16 Feb 2010, 06:00 ]

This picture shows one of the hebes with a small sized leaf but some varieties have smaller leaves more tightly clustered.

By chance, this picture also shows an experimental length of expanded polystyrene quickly carved with a standard soldering iron (not recommended) sloshed with masonry paint and posed to see if the idea was at all worth developing. I believe that it is but with the proper tools, after sketching the stone pattern on the poly and, most of all, using a darker paint with more colour variations.

Dai Pajero

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