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!! A Plant Page Example

This is a generic plant book grouping page. One such page should encompass a particular type of plant e.g Thymes, Heathers, Lonicera, Box, etc. 

The 'Posts' here should be for particular varieties, "Giant Fried Egg", "Midland Fancy", "Wensleydale's Favour".

This text at the top of the page should be replaced with a general introduction to the plant, with an example picture to the right - preferably of the plant in-situ.  Size 'M'.

To create an index page like this, use the 'New page' template "GRC Plant Page".  When you've created the introduction, save the page, and then add the information about a particular variety, as a Post.

Any questions, please ask Cheeseminer.

Daisii "Giant Fried Egg"

posted 21 Feb 2010, 05:14 by Flatland Cheeseminer

This is the text related to the particular variety of plant.

Use the 2-column format with the photo of the variety to the left and notes to the right.

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