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"Archer's Gold"

posted 28 Jan 2010, 12:50 by Flatland Cheeseminer   [ updated 15 Feb 2010, 04:57 ]

I think this one is Thyme "Archer's Gold".  It's by far the most most enthusiastic variety of those that I have (and provides most of the bulk of the title photo at the top of the page.  It divides well, and I'm using it as a soft link between the grass (I hesitate to say 'lawn') and the railway.  It means I can mow up to the boundary without too much precision; meanwhile it helps keep grass off the railway.  Label suggest's it's supposed to flower, but if it does they're not very significant.

Planted in: Well drained, crumbly soil; Cambridgeshire, UK. Label says it prefers a sunny position and slightly alkaline soil.