Lazarus is leaf-full

by Doc

On how all you have to do when your palette has become a little jaded is wait a few years and BINGO!

You can't keep a good plant down

Greetings one and all! I may have been quiet of late, well, almost moribund, you might say, but all has been rather alternative down on the DLR for some years. I have nobody to blame but myself but, other hobbies have taken a front seat, my wife attempted to die ( but we soon put a stop to that) and my local buddy who used to play trains with me became very Hungary and wasn't able to come around much. Oh, I know, a bloke has to make a living but that's a damnably poor excuse said the retired old bloke!

Anyway, while my back was turned, the DLR, she kept on going and to be specific, the plants I chose to produce fine backdrops for photography, kept on a-growing. My how they did grow! Some were very expensive dwarf conifers and they have been reasonably well behaved but as for Barry-next-door's Leylandii, well, all I can say is meh!

We open the garden to the public every other year and you should have heard the moaning that the line wasn't actually running live steam when they came in this June. I told them the man to blame was being an absolute Pest but, they wouldn't have it at all, at all.

A Sneaky Peak at the job so far

One thing led to another, as it usually does with me. I began in a small way with a hedge trimmer on the hebes and spirea and, lo and behold, there WAS a railway. I then got to work on those pesky Leylands and suddenly, there was light, and it was good. Incidentally, one distraction for me has been choral singing and, apart from being in the Leicester Bach Choir, Judith and I travel all over the place singing with choirs that are formed from scratch to perform specific works. This year we sang Haydn's "Creation" with the Really Big Chorus in the Christos Lambrakis Hall in Athens. And when I say, Really Big, this choir were 260 strong, half Athenians and half from all around Europe. What reminded me was having sung "And God said, let there by light.......and there was LIGHT"  Fortissimo!!!!!! You had to be there.

Having cleared enough foliage away to be able to see the dog for the rabbit, I found several sections with disjointed track and realised some plants really needed to be totally removed. The good thing was the use of dead carpet to smother weeds where I wanted to walk and where planting was minimal. Some species were now so well established that they could have their trunks neatly cleaned up and this was particularly effective in the area I call Barry Hill which is an area of woodland. The name works well. It happens to be my neighbour's name but also my brother in law's surname is Barry so I managed to flatter two people at once. They'll never know.

Now, of course you can well see that there is an awful lot of work still to be done and some of the buildings could do with a touch up as well. I kept them indoors but what with drying, cooling and heating and some of the ravages of mice and birds, they are far from pristine. I think too that I may well try to create some more industrial-looking walls to add a little more scale flavour to the job. I'm very pleased that I moved up from 16mm to 7/8ths as the plants look just a touch more scale relevant for the extra size. Not aht I am slavish about these things, but I do like the miniaturisation side of the hobby rather more than the running of the trains and I am not as delighted when I see overscale items in plain view. Just that small amount of picket fence seen on the left below really ought to be covered and when the box in front of it is a little bigger, it will be. Alternatively, I could have found a better camera angle, I suppose.

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