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A new loco for the WGLR

Got a new loco for the WGLR today (early birthday present) following a visit to Back2Bay6. It's Piko's new V60 diesel, a standard gauge loco in reality, but I think it suits the WGLR when running in "modern image / heritage railway" mode.
It seems a very well built, well designed model with some very clever engineering which allows the wheels to articulate even though they have external coupling rods (they also have an internal drive shaft). This articulation allows the model to cope with LGB R1 curves without any real problem other than a pretty serious amount of overhang.
The model also has 2 sets of pick-up skates as well as pick-up through the wheels, so electrical continuity is not an issue for us leccy fans.
I didn't really have much time for a decent run by the time we got home today, but at least I have established that the V60 will go around the WGLR. I'll post more after further testing.
Found time for some more testing and running in this afternoon. And the V60 actually got to haul a train.
There were some clearance issues, but nothing that the odd bit of trimming and fettling wouldn't put right. The loco is incerdibly smooth running and much quieter than my Piko railcar.
All in all, I'm really happy with my latest loco. I'll consider fitting a sound chip in the future.
After a busy day, the V60 returns to the shed for a well earned rest.