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Accucraft Plantation

by JRinTawa (Started 6th March 2014)
A couple of years ago I bought my first live steamer, possibly I would buy a second in time but probably just one would be enough.  My third live steamer is a Accucraft Plantation loco recently purchased through Argle Locomotive Works.  It seems that just a little steam oil in my veins is not enough!

So why this loco for my third loco.  Firstly if possible I wanted a loco with inside frames, locos with inside frames being the vast majority of locos that ran in NZ, secondly it would be ideally a smallish loco that would fit comfortably with the 1:24 scale that our railway is loosely based around.  Thirdly a loco with a sight glass, pressure gauge and be able to be fitted with a Goodall valve or similar water top up system.  I didn’t initially covet the Plantation, but when I had the chance to see one in the flesh I was immediately smitten by it and on face value it ticked all the boxes.

Having read a review in Garden Rail and some internet browsing, my order was placed with Argyle Loco Works - there was no looking back!