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Another loco joins the EM&BHR

by Author Steve F

On Saturday 24th April, a new loco joined the rosta at the EM&BHR. It was felt that a large American steam loco was required to haul the recently acquired beer wagons. A loco was offered to us, it is a Sumpter Valley Mallet
Here are the wagons that this loco will be in charge of
On arrival at the EM&BHR, the loco was put through clearance trials. The one doubt that was in the back of our minds was the two crossover R1 points. This worry proved to found less. The loco handled them with ease. Trials were also carried out in Baytree Yard as there are three sets of R1's there, again the loco cleared all of these points, as well as all of the clearances. Trials were then carried out with the loco under load, whilst these trials were being carried out, there were no other loco's running on the line. The newly acquired beer wagons were marshalled into Ivy Junction yard ready for the loco to come and collect. This video shows the loco on trials with the wagons, also you can see the loco crossing a set of R1 crossover points http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r86DJoTjVXI .
Here the loco is seen at Palm Junction being admired by all the locals.
The loco will soon be sent to south Wales for essential electrical upgrading before commencing with it's duties on our railway. All in all, we are extremly pleased with the performance of this loco, it pulls well, amd the sound is superb.Once the electric upgrade has taken place, I'll let you all know.