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DLR Locos

by Doc

No. 1 Beatrice

A Lady Anne class 0-6-0T Built in the workshops in Dingley from parts shipped in over the winter from Doncaster. Named after one of the daughters of the Chairman.

No. 5 Arthur Pendragon 

 Millie in a sorry state
Relined, named and with a new driver 

No. 3 Sir Adrian Webb

RH Argyll class 0-6-2T. Named after the chief engineer of the DLR

No. 4 Henry Joseph Greenwell

An early meths-fired Charles Pooter class. Named, I imagine, after an ancestor of its original owner.

No. 7. Llywelyn

The latest arrival in 2010 to the line. A DJB Robert class coal fired 040 ST 

YouTube Video

Llywelyn fumes

All the locos, apart from Llywelyn, are fitted with Summerlands chuffers

No. 8. Margaret

Added to the DLR in June 2011, Margaret is an 040T Swift Sixteen Owain Class owing its power and ease of management to Ragleth engineering. Seen here in the less than capable hands of Dai Laffin who seems to be taking his responsibilities very seriously.