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EMR (Darj) Garratt

by JSJ

The EMR Darj Garratt passes my favourite photo location at Short Wood.


The EMR's Locobox Darj Garratt was the first live steamer to arrive on the railway. It has oscillating cylinders and is a very slow and powerful loco.

Mods and improvements

Chuff pipe

Here is the first test steaming of the loco fitted with its new Summerlands chuffer. Note that it was taken on my iPhone whilst I was also driving the loco so is not a cinematic tour de force. The loco was in a part-stripped down state too - no buffer beams and the smokebox door is still unpainted.

Garratt with Summerlands chuffer

Chris has been patiently waiting for me to add the chuff pipe fitting to these pages

First remove the two small screws, one each side of the smokebox

Next remove the two larger round-headed screws under the smokebox, one each side of the chimney. The exhaust pipe can be seen curving upwards into the chimney.

The smokebox can now be eased off forwards. Note the boiler has a cover but is not lagged. The chuff pipe (an SCGP2 Summerlands Chuffer to be precise) awaits on the table next to the loco. The Dremel will be pressed into service now...

Cut the top off the existing exhaust pipe. This is how much I removed. Leave enough to put a curve into the remaining exhaust pipe section - the first test steaming resulted in the chuff pipe being ejected upwards because it was too loose. The copper exhaust pipe bends easily.

The chimney is extended downwards on recommendation from Chris Bird. This is done by cutting an appropriate length of 1/2" K&S brass tube which is a loose fit. It therefore requires a little flattening to make it a push fit. It extends down just to the top of the flue.

Chuff pipe in place. Reassembly is simple - slide the smoke box back on and replace the four screws.

Smokebox door

As can be seen below, the smokebox door as supplied is a mere representation of a flat door which had a 6BA round-headed screw in the centre. David Bailey supplies a lost wax cast dart which by happy coincidence is also 6BA. The bottom of some cans have a good domed shape, so the bottom of a completely empty one was cut out and fitted.

Remains of the can bottom.

Here it is fitted to the loco