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GRS Kerr Stuart conversion kit

by Mel

At the 2009 Telford exhibition I bought a pre-owned, but un-built Garden Railway Specialists Kerr Stuart 0-4-2 saddle tank conversion kit complete with an LGB Otto chassis to build it on. I built the similar GRS Hunslet kit several years ago and to say that it was challenging is something of an understatement. These older kits consist of some pre-cut plasticard, a bag full of white metal parts and some pretty woeful instructions. To be fair to GRS, their newer kits now include a one piece body moulding and I would imagine that it should be much easier to end up with an acceptable finished model.

The afor mentioned challenge proved too much for me to make a start on the Kerr Stuart for 18 months, but eventually I summoned up the courage to make a start and I have to say that these kits do get easier after a little practice.

There follows a series of photos of the loco being built and finally in service on the WGLR. It is battery powered and radio controlled using Cliff Barker components as described in my article in the Workshop/battery locos thread.

At this point there are still several jobs to complete including fitting new spectacle rings (the ones supplied are useless), safety chains, name and number plates  and possibly lining.

Replacement spectacle rings (from IP) have now arrived and been fitted. Safety chains have been made using Halfords split pins, black chain from a charity shop and Cambrian hooks (thanks to Neil R). Vacuum pipes are modified LGB. A simple lining job has been done using Trimline tape.

Also from IP comes a coach to go with my "heritage train". Colour scheme is based on the Talyllyn, all be it with a darker red base colour.