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Kurvy Köf

by Philip Brockbank (railwayman198)

This is a very quick and simple modification of the little diesel from the LGB digital starter set, just to make it look a little less 'square'. As supplied it is very bright yellow with silver trimmings. I tried to find a photo of it before modification but I don't seem to have taken any...I wonder why? But for anyone unfamiliar with this common loco it looks much the same as this more sophisticated auto uncoupling version but without the outside cranks.
This next picture really tells you all there is to know about the modification. A slab of hardwood was suck on the top of the bonnet and strips of wooden quadrant were  glued on all the square edges to give a more rounded look. A new grill was cut from a garlic grater. The holes in the grill are to allow access to the screws that hold the body to the chassis. The green stuff you can see being used as filler is a product appropriately called 'Green Stuff', a rather good epoxy putty that's popular with military modellers. You will notice that the relevant bits are already covered in masking tape ready for spraying. I tried remove the window unit before painting but it seemed it would break before coming free. It was at this point that I learned a lesson that more experienced spray painters will already know...
...always make sure that the inside of the glass is protected from overspray as well as the outside. I forgot to mask the cab door opening so I've ended up with misty glass because of paint settling on the inside. I'll remember next time. The freight grey colour gives a suitably industrial look.
All that remained was to paint the buffer beams red, apply a bit of lettering and give a light dusting of weathering powder. The badge on the nose was cut from a Guinness can. On close inspection it reads 'Alc 4.1'.