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Roundhouse George

by Chris Bird

In October 2018 I potted on Facebook that John Sutton had a very nice Roundhouse George for sale. Now I hadn't bought a 16mm loco for about five years (concentrating on 7/8ths scale) but in an impulse, I phoned John and did the deal. I have always liked the look of this side tank loco with tender, but my favourite Victorian Maroon and Jeff Munday's beautiful lining job clinched it.

I ordered the various parts - Summerlands Chuffer, Combination lever, SSP Slomo and DJB blower pipe - but poor health meant that it sat on the shelf until mid February 2019. With my voice recovered, I was able to make three videos which you can see below.

George was produced as a ready to run loco from 2011 until 2014 and as a kit since then.

The First Photos

The first thing I did to the loco was add a pair of nameplates. These has been on a loco that was sold on and had a red background, so I stripped them, etch primes and sprayed them black before scraping the letters clean with a blade.
Then it was out on the track for a few photos:

I thought it would be interesting to compare the loco with my modified Edrig with tender - just click on the images to enlarge.

More photos and Videos

After shooting the videos below, I ran George with the FX Control wide open for a few photos:

Now for an on the table intro to the loco

Steaming up

And fitting a Summerlands Chuffer