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Roundhouse Sammie conversion

Shawn Viggiano

My ;latest project is converting my Roundhouse Sammie into a Forney type logging engine.  I got the idea from 16MM Today.  John Fox had done a really nice conversion using his Sammie.  Thanks to Chris Bird he was able to get me in contact with John.   The engine below is the modified engine John F did.

I acquired most of the parts that will be needed.  I have two sets of trucks, not sure what to use but probably the smaller set. 
So far I disassembled my Sammie.  Next step is to clean all the parts that will be painted and make a new footplate to extend the back.  John gave me some great secretes on how the conversion was done.  I think you will be impressed.  Stay tune.
I didn't get as much done as I wanted. I ended up spending two days running trains in the snow with my 4 year old and sleigh riding.  But I did manage to get the foot plate cut and all the holes drilled.  I put the Sammie back together to make sure everything fits.  Too my surprised it did......... Next I start building the cab. I also  bought some nice birch for the cab.

Stay tune for updates..........................................................

Made some more progress.  Got the first stage of the wooden cab done.  It will fit over the original metal cab and be bolted to the metal cab for added support. 
Next I have to add trim etc...... to the cab to spruce it up.   I also added the rear bumper by screwing some brass brackets to the footplate and then securing the wood bumper to the brackets.   I started to play with the rear trucks.  I'm using  a bolt with a spring attached.  This will give it some give when going up and down.  Might have to add stiffer spring but wont know till I test it.  I secured some brass strip to the trucks.  I still have to bend the brass strip and secure it to the bottom of the footplate.  Still working the details out but looks like I will have to cut some grooves into the frame brace that way the rear truck can swing freely.  Not a big deal.  Once the trucks are secured all the brass parts will be painted.  Then its off to the details.

   New cab fitted over metal cab.

Rear bumper secured 

Trucks with bolt and spring attached as well as the brass stip.

Made some more progress on the Sammie conversion.  I got the rear trucks installed.  Had to cut away at the back end of the frame so the wheels could clear the frame as it pivots.  I also attached a brace to secure the truck arm to and added a screw with a spring to add flexibility to the truck as it goes up and down.  I rolled it around the micro layout and will easily negotiate the 30 inch dia curve. The Sight glass and water top off system  was installed.  I started making foot boards along the saddle tank.  I still need to add trim and details to the new cab.  My handrails and summerland chuffer came in so that ill be getting installed next.  Still have to secure everything put so far this is what it looks like.  Still working on a diamond stack.  Im looking at trackside details diamond stack but also  been searching ebay for vintage camera lens hoods.  I need smaller hood to fit the stack.  The stack measure 14mm.  then a slightly larger one to slip over the smaller hood. 

Trucks installed


I completed the siding on cab.  Next I have to add the rails and screw the wood cab to the metal cab.  Then its off to the paint shop.  Im thinking of staining it with the side boards walnut.  I like the my Forney looks with the stained cab.   I still have to add the rails to the Saddle tank, install the Slide bar, crosshead, combination lever and union link.  Then it comes apart one last time for the paint shop  Getting there.
Getting close to being done.  I got everything painted and put back together and details added.   Before putting everything back together I did a test run and too my surprise it worked.............................
Jay Kovac found a diamond stack for me at Diamond head steam up and im still waiting on my head lamp to arrive from track side.    I bought some of that neolube from micromark that I plan on using for the wheels and drive rods. I also have to make the roof. Then everything will get weathered. 

The pictures were not coming out good today.  It looks a lot better in person 

Getting closer now.  I added the roof, painted the side rods using neolube (great stuff).   A few more details were added pilot steps in front and back. I ordered a headlight so I'm just waiting for it to come in and Jason is going to make a diamond stack using two of the Trackside Detail diamond stacks for me. I made a wood load for the back just waiting for it to dry and then it will get weathered lightly. 

I think I can finally say the Sammie Conversion is complete. (might add the KMRR logo on the tank)  I did a test run at the Scranton Steam Up and it ran very well.  I am very pleased with it and now I can move o to the next project.