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The restoration of Roundhouse Lady Anne 67600

by Author (TomB)


OK, my addiction with the Roundhouse Lady Anne continues. These engines are ideal for my line, looking good with passenger or freight stock. 0-6-0 tank engines are versatile and powerful, and with the detailing additions I like to add, can be turned into a 'very real' looking locomotive.
I have a numbering system in operation, I use the four figured Roundhouse factory number, pre fixed with '6' being the North East area number.
My Silver lady is 67356
No1 Lady Anne is 67614
No 2 Lady Anne (above) is 67600.  This is actually a kit made engine, so no factory number was available. So 6 = area. 7 = the Roundhouse usual number. 600 was the price I paid. Simple as that!
67600 is going to be a restoration project loco. She has issues with the valve gear, cylinders, rods, boiler cladding? yes its there! Needs a full repaint, which is going to be BR mixed traffic lined black.
The boiler itself, steams well, after re calibrating the safey valve, but the running quality leaves much to the imagination!! Still, there are four distinct beats, more or less in the right place, so once the arthritic cylinders/valve gear is sorted, she will be a 'really useful engine'.