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General views

by DP
These general views of Dingle Leight attempt to suggest something of the colourful and anarchic nature of theis little world.
Lawley pulls into a busy Benbril
Ben takes Beatrice back to the shed, past the coal merchants
View of Benbril station yard over the Grady Bros garage
Caradoc sweeps round the triangle at St Edmonds
The printing works at Molesworth Halt. Filthy rich MD
Podraig takes a breather as Caradoc edges past
Does Tag know that's a gunpowder wagon?
A protective fence around the public acces to the goods yard has been long overdue. Why the new gates, constructed from corrugated iron and angle iron are already so rusty is something of a mystery, here in Benbril

The Queen's Head, Benbril
Elsden Parva with the Reuben Elsden brewery