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Part of my motivation is to create atmospheric videos as well as evocative stills. I find the problem of being a one man band makes the business of capturing a decent amount of footage a bit of a nightmare, even with a decent camera. However, I think that if I keep at it, sooner or later I should get something half decent to show,
Fired by the newly laid, unballasted track and a second-hand Millie, here is a record of the very first live steam firing in March 09. The axles of the wagons need oiling. Libertad Lamarque always sang better when well oiled but went to Tango heaven many years ago.
Millie is manual so runs down the gradient, across the viaduct and then,as she rounds the wooded Barry Hill, needs to stop for a gasper. I rather like that aspect of manual running and it suggested to me that it would be asppropriate to site Barry Hill Halt just there. She then climbs up to another natural halt which will eventually be the site for St Edmonds.

Inaugural Steaming on the DLR

The next two tiny clips were taken merely to prove to Chris Bird that his wonderful chuff pipes actually worked whn fitted to RH Argyll and Charles Pooter. The blood sweat and tears shesd to get these fragments have left me a shattered wreck of my former self.

Argyll Chuffs

Pooter chuffs!

Now, here is something new for me; coal firing. I built a DJB Engineering Robert from a kit and this is me talking myself through the scary process of firing up and getting the settings right. More controls than just heating up a kettle with butane but a lot more fun.

Coal firing

Next, some real steaming, albeit by the very experience JSJ with his Lawley but the beginnings of real garden railway for me

YouTube Video