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Evensford & Midland


This is the garden railway of johnsaintjim, JSJ, John St James, AKA Graham.

Full name is Evensford and Midland Railway

It sits in a garden in the Midlands of England.
The main line is about 80 metres, 45 mm gauge, live steam and battery.

The start and the philosophy

When my garden railway started to grow from an LGB Toytrain, I wanted to stay with a Midland theme and my idea is that Evensford is served by the Midland main line with an exchange station and a 3 foot gauge railway going off into the hills. "Hills," you ask "... hills? There are no hills around Rushden." No but this is not Rushden, this is my fictitious version of Evensford and I can have hills if I want. Otherwise, I would not need a narrow-gauge railway to run in the hills.

The EMR has its own web site at http://www.evensfordandmidland.co.uk

The railway is in the landscape:

The Locos


Kestrel (Accucraft Lawley class) is the current workhorse of the railway.

Here is a picture on Kevin's (cheeseminer) wonderful dockside before she was "de-blinged" by having her dome and handrail painted.

Caradoc is a great runner too. Here, she is just passing Short Wood crossing and the driver gives a long whistle to try and move the photographer out of the way!
More pictures of this run at 

Battery powered steam outline

 It's not all steam though. Battery-powered steam outline provides a useful way of running if time it limited
Here is the Baldwin, bought at the same time as the Lynton and Barnstaple bought theirs during the engineering strike, so no surprise that they look quite similar. Here the Baldwin passes Evensford station as the Caradoc simmers on the other loop.

The is also the battery Hunslet is based on a GRS kit, fairly heavily modified to include a scratch-build tender. It has RCS basic 2 radio control.

Now with a chopper and vacuum hose.


The first fence posts have appeared at last. No fence wire yet though and I'm not yet convinced. One thing is certain, the railway looks wrong without any fences!