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Visiting Motive Power

By G H Wood

From time to time, the management of the F&St.M lower their guard and allow the occasional intruder to have temporary running rights on the hallowed metals, sometimes even blue intruders are allowed.... but not often as their appearance brings back too many painful memories of times spent crouched on an oily brick floor cleaning wheels with a paraffin soaked wodge of cotton waste.

Here Then Is The Vistors Book

Alf Brays mighty Garratt, on a rare day release from its shelf

Nick (Bradypus) Midgleys "Vanessa" doing a passable "Mannin" impression
James Dowlings Accucraft Superior
Alfies Blue Darjeeling, Alfies Garden line is only a few hundred yards away from mine.
Dave Faulkners MNR liveried "Caledonia" takes the short climb out of Kionslieu station
A couple of shots of Nicks Accucraft much modified Leader, servos on the regulator, reverser, whistle, drain cock simulator and water pump to top up the loco from the water carrying wagon next to the loco. Some people are very clever!
I recognise that black loco, it used to be mine!
Former F&St.M No8 "Moddey Dhoo" returns to its ancestral home as a visitor. F&St.M No6 "Peveril" waits patiently for it to break down or derail so it can take over the service
Faithfully recreating one of the Great Railway Journeys of All Time, NHN's "Hibernia" with the Port St. Mary shuttle service. The F&St.M's foreman painter had to be physically restrained during the visit of this loco.
John Kinleys Accucraft track powered "Loch", poses at the head of a short train. It is in the green livery of the "Ailsa" period of the IMR
John Boyes roundhouse Lady Anne "Annie" pictured on the original F&St.M
Another of Nicks this time Accucraft Wrekin class "Rockall" takes a train of the IOM 4 wheelers, again, on the old line
Another of Nick's locos visiting from far off Barnsley, A Roundhouse Lady Anne, modified of course!
 Roy Allens Accucraft Lawley, easily distinguished from the one I had at the time, as this one had not had a Junior Hacksaw taken to it
NHN's famous Fowler, the F&St.M pw crew hated this loco
 Another of NHN's a Roundhouse he had just aquired from John "TrackShack" Boyes
The Late Johnny Johnsons Edrig "Oliver"
"Voirrey Quirk" (I think?) Neil's VOR loco