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Level Crossing Photo Spot

by JRinTawa

6th August 2010
Over autumn 2010 the first stages of detailing a rural road level crossing scene got underway.  It's turned out to be a rather photogenic spot, so just for fun I've grouped a few of the pictures taken here on this page.  Later I'll add some construction notes on the cattle stops, once the second one is in completed and installed - hopefully soon.


Dubs A pauses for the first picture...

Followed by our LGB O&K loco...

O&K coming back the other way...

And our Dubs A again...

From afar as the Tram Engine does a sunday excusion

Last one for now is the Bush Jigger heading up to Kakariki.

20th August 2010 update.
Last Weekend the second cattle stop for this level crossing was completed and install but testing was not able to be undertaken until this evening.

It seems to be okay...

...but I think a lot more testing will be needed to be sure!

In answer to Graham's query
This is what the area used to look like
January 2006 during construction of the H&MGR

April 09
and Dec 09 after a winter of moss growing

Construction of the Cattle stops.

To read about construction of the cattle stops follow this link Cattle Stops in the Workshop section.