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Leawarra Nayook Railway (LNR)

   A steam operated narrow gauge "Colonial" railway from Australia.

The Hunslet and Geared Loco on shed at Leawarra.

A mixed train crossing Warringine Creek    

Double cause for celebrations at Nayook today, Australia Day, and the railway telegraph finally reached town.

Locals turned out to hear the manager of the telegraph department give his speech 

espousing the safety aspects of having the telegraph available.

Like all celebrations it ran over time, and some spirited running was required

to return to Leawarra on time.


As the sun sinks slowly in the west

The boys were making a few minor adjustments to the Pet./Mech.(always worry when the young bloke gets that big spanner in his hand).

In walks S.M. Leawarra, and quickly remarks "this workshop is a pigsty". He's in one of those moods.

  Tom at the bench had to agree. "It's the wind" he said.
So they got to, and had a bit of a sweep up.

 All spick and span now. Till the winds blow again
Overcast and drizzling rain, perfect conditions to boil some water, and maybe some steam plumes (Is that chuckles I hear from up north).

Simmering quietly on the turntable, after the mornings work.

A works train waiting to leave Leawarra.

                                                                            The Midday Mixed


                                                                        Crib time for the crew

                                                                           On the "up" at Turpins Curve

                                                                              Wreathed in steam.

                                                               All is quiet again in the afternoon sun,

                                                  Finally got around to painting the frames and gear on the
                                               Petrol/Mechanical, I wouldn't say it was finished, but equally
                                                               it might not get any more done to it.