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Nairobi and Grand Trunk Railway Co.

The NGTRWy Co, loose based on the railway featured in one of the J Ward, George of the Jungle cartoons from the 70's.  Definitely NOT a little Welsh line..., more a grand idea that's withered back to a modest operation over the past 80 years.
Primarily a Lumber and Pharmaceutical hauler, the NGT makes ends meet with Tourist Excursions and Fan Trips over the White Palace Bridge.

175 feet so far, same again planned  for 2010.

The East end of Thyme Tunnel.

Looking West through Glen Close.

Proposed White Palace Bridge, 114" total length.

The 42 inch long Centre span built by GNOME Engineering for Canada. 

Two of GME's deck girder will flank each end of this truss, making a total length of 114".
Scaled track plan of the Southern End of the NGT. Each square is FIVE feet. (Zoë)