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Pimlico Tramway

By PeterPimlico 

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Hello! and welcome to the fantasy world of the Pimlico Tramway. We now leave our worries of daily life behind and enter this special fantasy world. First of all may I thank the railway owner Colonel Peter Pym MC, JP, for kindly allowing me to explore and take photos of his railway (we will no doubt meet the Colonel personally on a future visit). I would also like to thank Fred the railways 'hands on administrator,' who took time out to take me around the railway, pointing out various troubles he was faced with in his efforts to keep this small impoverished railway running. 

But before I start the tour of the railway I must show you the village of Pimlico. It really is a delightful little village. Gosh! That's me at the top of the street, what a lovely view over the Pimlico valley, and just behind me is Mrs Smith with her little Scotty dog, can you spot him, she is happily knitting away outside her house, well it is a lovely day! 

But here comes Albert, on his way back to the quarries with empty skips and his noisy diesel, ah well I'm off for a cup of tea now, so see you all later. 

Now Fred suggested my first port of call should be the station, jump on the on early morning train and take a trip up to the lime stone crushing plant, suggesting I could take photos from the coach or the driver would stop for any lineside shots I may wish to take. Well with an offer like that I toddled off to the station to await the train. Here I'm seen chatting to the doctor, that's me again near the signal box, but just look at that splendid engine in the shed doorway, what a little beauty, "bit of a funny one to drive," says the driver, "once yer gets im lit he just races off, but I've tamed im now." But that's not our engine for todays ride. I'll have to see which turns up! 

And here she comes, Wow, it's the pride of the Pimlico Tramway, "Hodder," a wing tank. 

                                                                                                   So off we go! 

I see poor old George the coalman has found the back gate locked again, "I'm getting a bit old for this climbing over gates." I hear him complain
I was quite surprised on reaching the Lime Works that we were due an engine change. It did give me the opportunity to take a picture of the crushing plant (on the left of the pic.) wagons and skips load under the shoot gantry on the right, unfortunately on a line out of view. Hodder is on the main line here, we are awaiting clearance from off the loop line. 
With the Tramways oldest engine "Wyre" coupled up (Salem, Riverclass), it was time to head back to Pimlico Station. 
It is always nice to reach the Stag Inn, here the railway sneaks behind the pub. It's not unknown for drivers to make an unscheduled halt here to nip down the path and get their billycans filled with a pint of the best bitter! But today George the driver is disappointed, for he noticed the young man looking at his watch and guessed he was waiting for opening time.  
As happens quite often on the Pimlico Tramway! Our train headed by 'Wyre,' here seen on the woodland edge, has been held up whilst george desperately removes the trucks from the station. Yes, the signalman will be in trouble also! 
Come on George, get the trucks out of the station. At least the signalman has now put matters right! 
George finally got the trucks into the shed siding allowing us to complete our journey. Now I must explore Pimlico more fully, but for now I must find somewhere to stay!
And so all is quite again in Pimlico as the signalman makes his way back to the station, I suspect he has been checking his rabbit traps at the back of the old lineside hut.