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Pwll Dylluan Railway (owlpool)

Pwll Dylluan Railway (owlpool)

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The PDR started as a circle of track a Feldbhan loco and some rolling stockfor my son when he was 5 - he's now 19
We moved outdoors about 10yrs ago and built an oval main line, through a shed with sidings, and featuring a canal accessed by a headshunt, a tunnel, a causeway and bridge with a station and a coal mine
We went "live steam" about 5-6 yrs ago with a Katie, and now have a Russell and a Caradoc
This necessitated a shed avoidance line to make the minimum radius R3
Last Year we started a major project - a highland extension taking off from the higher part of the main line and ascending the field via horseshoe bends and a spiral - 60mtrs of track later we have gained our objective, the rockery - 1.5 mtrs vertical gain
This year we have a lot of hard landscaping to do and more digging and tracklaying to have a run around loop around the rockery, and a mine on the said rockery. Plans are afoot for a water feature and a mountain, and improving the rudimentary intermediate and upper stations.
Intermediate station with horseshoe bend behind
cutting on one of the bends
the original oval seen from steam-up siding level
                                                      - -  ---  - -
Katie and coaches in headshunt siding to canal:
another view of the main line, in snow
I confess to this being a favourite


A trip up the highland extension
A run yesterday in the cold to test Buzzard [Katie] after a repair - replacement crank pin from Roundhouse - one fell out a week or so ago.
1. from the miners' halt near the junction with the main line, looking up at the bends
2. between the horseshoes
3. at the intermediate halt / passing loop

4. entering the spiral


5. on the spiral


6. at the top station - currently a run-around loop, this will be replaced/extended by a return loop around the rockery when the weather improves.  We expect to uncover a mine on the rockery
points -
a. I need a better camera
b. would this be better in a separate thread ? landscaping / tracklaying?
-- 15/2 - replaced some of the earlier photos with better ones
overall view


coming out of the cutting
I need to get on with the stone lining before the grass starts to grow
the junction, mine and different track levels
Track power yesterday


steam and snow still favourite though
a [very] schematic trackplan
out on the line 9/4/10
Russell in new livery, with new slate/rock/conifer landscape 
mole trouble
 running yesterday
Buzzard [katie] goods train
Russell in the lined cutting, slate waste infill
both trains meet at the busy, refurbished and landscaped top station
looking up the hill at the inclines and 2 new station buildings
Running at the weekend, 5/6/10,  Russell with W&L style timber train
would look better with logs though
quite a few modifications with recycled slate on cuttings, embankments, and as in-fill
Improved log train (see p40 in Cartwright's W&L book) - the bolsters worked well on the bends
would be better with brown rubber bands
I've got some chain somewhere to link the unhitched wagons
low leve photo by my son - he takes the best ones


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