Quarry Project

I've started the scenery within the spiral
the plan is to have a disused quarry, with state waste and ruined buildings, a bit like the quarries on the way up to Moel Siabod from the South if you've been there
plenty of scope for industrial detritus
this is how the spiral was a week ago [james's Hercules]
and yesterday after digging, and bedding in a preformed pond liner, a lot of weed proof membrane, and a lot of rock shifting, only stopped by the rain
therre's a lot of rock to put in yet - to either side of the quarry and aroun the spiral, and lots more slate waste, and some planting
the buildings may be a winter project

after a bit of a gap due to other committments
further building up of Quarry Mountain, and slate chip infill of the spiral
the next stage is to make a disused quarry tramway feeder line
I have some 32mm track and plan to get some skips and slate wagons at Llanfair this w/e
- all of which will be rusted up and made derelict
primed skips and a bit of track planning in the sunshine today
 tramway formation, culvert and foundation for slate cutting shed ruin
track laid and awaiting ballast
overall view including siding to waste tip
ballasted with a 5mm grit mixed with some waterproof PVA
a delivery at the wharf for the quarry
seeing the slate wagons on the flats like that gives me an idea