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Ruritanian Railways

by Peter Whatley (Whatlep)

A Brief History Of Ruritanian Railways

September 2009 marked 10 years since Ruritanian Railways first spun its wheels in our family garden.  There is probably nothing unique, or even particularly special about my G Scale line, but I hope a short history of the line will entertain, or perhaps serve as a “dreadful warning” to other G Scalers.
The saga is divided into three parts:
  • Part 1 outlines how and why I got into G scale.  No garden line as such, so skip if you like!
  • Part 2 describes the first incarnation of Ruritanian Railways outdoors in Cheshire 
  • Part 3 covers the traumatic birth of Ruritanian Railways second version in deepest Worcestershire
  • Part 4 (coming soon) will outline the line's development and lessons learned in 2009/2010