Arts and Crafts Inspired Cottage - Phil Sixsmith

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It's been a while since I have posted any articles here and thought it was about time I put finger to keyboard to update you on some of the ongoing building works on the Russet Tor.
The village has continued to grow, albeit very slowly but last summer saw the biggest year of development to date.
My last post on building progress was The Sherlock Arms pub.
This has been joined by an arts and crafts inspired large detached 'cottage'.

The pub was a basic polystyrene board shell construction and the cottage is a variation on this theme, but this time using an external foam advertising board material donated to me by a friend who had acquired some off cut boards from his local sign company.


This is the basic starting point, the panels being held together with epoxy adhesive.

Step 2

 Was the application of brickwork, a sheet product I picked up at a exhibition. It's similar to the Brandbright product, but I think it is G scale rather than 16mm. Not too concerned as I claim the builders used hand made facings! I do like the irregular face, as it does give a little more definition from the viewing distance although it does seem to represent a degree of poor workmanship on behalf of the bricklayers.

 The timber panelling is strip cut from a sheet of plasticard.

Step 3

The bay window was one a built many years ago for one of my first station buildings. That was in the early days when I was using plywood as the basic building materials . As you might have expected it has has long since rotted away and been replaced but the bay was built from plasticard and it had sat on a shelf in the shed patiently awaiting it's reclamation.

Step 4

Roofing added, plus other details. Te roofing is another sheet material I bought from the same trader. I only wish I could remember the name! Hopefully the keen eyed amongst you who have read this far may recognise the product and drop me a line?

The finished building. The chimney pots are from a the plumbing section of B&Q and are in fact inserts used to strengthen joints in upvc flexible water supply pipework.

The final photo is of the cottage in-situ on one of the few sunny days in 2013!