"Items" Mail Order Ltd

posted 30 Dec 2011, 00:55 by David Turner

This little company in Notts supplies nuts bolts but most importantly, snap-head rivets vital for scratch building wagons. Another items stocked are brass washers from 0BA to 16BA.

The owner is very charming and helpful on the phone and the catalog is extensive. Service is fast. Minimum order is £10 and payment is taken over the phone by credit card.
01427 848880


Marsh Lane
Nr Retford
DN22 9ES

Inoxia stainless steel mesh

posted 28 Dec 2011, 01:32 by John St James

I have used Inoxia for supplying stainless steel woven mesh for loco burners. Excellent service - only used once so far.

They have mesh sizes from 4 to 400 - the 400 mesh is like a stainless steel cloth, very very fine indeed. They will supply in small sizes for not very much money. The 40 mesh I use for my burners is £1.99 for a 15 cm x 15 cm piece. 30 x 30 cm is a fiver. It's all stainless

Yatton Model Engineering

posted 27 Sept 2011, 14:09 by Doug   [ updated 27 Sept 2011, 14:13 ]

Supplier of laser cut wood kits for Darjeeling Railways locos and rolling stock.


posted 18 Sept 2011, 10:27 by Tom B   [ updated 23 Oct 2013, 13:41 ]

 Now an approved dealer, check out the new range of super detailed Roundhouse engines exclusive to Locoworks.


posted 22 Mar 2010, 00:12 by David Turner   [ updated 22 Mar 2010, 00:13 by John St James ]

This is a PVA product that when soaked into rags can be used to cover a frame and when dry, sets like rock and would withstand any weather. It could be most useful for creating landscape effects such as rock faces, hills and mounds, probably roads too, It may be no more effective than PVA which nmight also be cheaper. All I can swear to is that a structure built with it has lasted several years in my garden totally unscathed. (DP)

Cambrian Models

posted 9 Mar 2010, 09:26 by John St James   [ updated 9 Mar 2010, 09:28 ]

Some interesting and cost-effective parts intended for 16mm scale but many useful for any garden railway scale.

EKP Supplies - small screws, etc (UK)

posted 25 Feb 2010, 03:44 by John St James   [ updated 25 Feb 2010, 04:00 ]

I have had excellent service from EKP (JSJ). Web site is not the easiest ever.

At the moment the list of products is under the "Model Engineering" link on the home page at

They also supply plans and castings for a 6" Burrell traction engine in case anyone is bored...

Engineering supplies - Chronos (UK)

posted 23 Feb 2010, 03:20 by John St James   [ updated 23 Feb 2010, 03:33 ] 

Lots of supplies but I have used them for their Mini metric tap and die set, sizes from M1 to M2.5, £23.45 inc shipping!

Cornwall Model Boats

posted 2 Feb 2010, 03:14 by Mel Turbutt   [ updated 2 Feb 2010, 05:59 by John St James ]

I'm presently doing a detailing job on an LGB Matra crane and needed some working pulley blocks and shackles (see picture). A Google search found these guys in Tintagel. They stock an incredibly large range of fittings for model boats (no suprise there really) that could also be used for model railway projects. I ordered on Sunday evening via their website and my order arrived on Tuesday.
For those interested in battery remote control - maybe useful too.

Summerlands Chuffer

posted 1 Feb 2010, 03:07 by Chris Bird   [ updated 1 Feb 2010, 06:52 by John St James ]

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