This is the place for our videos. Youtube videos simply work - it is Google working with Google after all.

Here is one to start with:

Lawley chuffs on the EMR

And a second one

Climax Logging on the H&MGR

Winter steam on the EMR

What I was doing this (06Feb) afternoon (JSJ)

YouTube Video

A short video to demonstrate the Massoth sound chip in diesel No5 "Mac". You don't get the bird effects on the chip. (Mel)

YouTube Video

Many thanks to James who spotted this excellent film of the Leek & Manifold on youtube (Mel)

Railbus on the DLR

This video was taken to explore the useful camera sites using a simple

hands-off battery powered vehicle which would look after itself while I 

scampered around the track with but one thing on my mind; the filming.

In retrospect, I should have been more finicky about clearing the track...

but it gave me a lot of post production fun so, here it is, warts and all. (Doc)

Magurk pulls a works outing

This is a little video I threw together to entertain a young friend but it shows a variety of things. A new battery powered 7/8ths scale vehicle called Magurk, built by Eric Lloyd, I believe to resemble a chapel (or more likely, a confessional box) and certainly driven here by a clergyman in a boiler suit and dog collar. It was a fun way to use a very short length of track as a set and set some easy limits to ensure maximal fun with minimal hassle. The battery was a bit low! Also on show here are the Penrhyn observation truck and figures from Modelearth and a Raif Copley wagon. The building was made by me using extruded polystyrene, timber, brick stencilling and masonry paints.