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Allamuchy Freight House

by Shawn V

The Allamuchy Freight House is a local depot that I am currently modeling.  I came across this structure while working in one of the local State Parks.  I would always pass the old Fright House and stop in to look at it.   I always admired the look and history of the Freight House and thought itwould make a nice model some day.  Its a simple structure, something that could fit on a logging line like my garden railroad. It was originally built in 1906 for the Leigh and Hudson Railway.  The Freight House was abandon in 1976 when Conrail took over the line.   For more information: Allamuchy Freight House

Before restoration 

Restoration In 2004


My goal is to build something similar with the same basic design.  Unlike my other buildings Im trying a new technique that I have seen others use.  Rather then going with my stick frame buildings or using plywood I decided to try out currugated plastic signs that are typical used during the voting seasons. I started out by cutting out the basic shapes for the front and sides.   Then I made my cuts for the windows and doors.  What I really like about this stuff is how easy it is to cut especially windows and the roof peaks.  Once that is done I glued strips of PVS to the sides.  Wood can be used as well but I had a bunch of PVS laying around so I used that.  This adds support to the corners and also lets me screw the pieces together rather then having to clamp everything while the glue dries.   

Braces on the inside added

 front windows added

Next step is to glue wood strips for the siding. So far im very happy with the plastic sign board.  Once the bracing is added it helps give the structure some weight.  
There wasn't much to show on siding.  It was basically cut some planks and then glue to the sides.  Trim and doors were added for the finally touch before hitting the paint shop.  I decided to use a metal roof and let mother nature do the weather (rust)  Some bottle caps were added for signs and a deck.  

I have to say I did enjoy using the sign board as my base.  Its much easier cutting your shapes you wont for roof peeks and windows.  I used E6000 glue.  I have had great luck with it on other buildings so I see no reason why it wont stand up to the elements outside.