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Bricks & Corrugated Iron

posted 11 Mar 2010, 04:55 by Flatland Cheeseminer   [ updated 26 Apr 2010, 15:03 ]
I'm looking at doing an 'inside job' - i.e. a bit of a diorama / storage shelf (a la Mel) / something to model 'finescale'.  This is going to involve some buildings, or at least walls, and so on.  I was wondering what, if any experience people had had with the many variants of embossed plastic building sheets; and/or the 1:24 'real' brick slips that are intended for dolls houses and you often see on eBay.

My own experience has so far been limited to the Brandbright plastic sheets, which are pretty good if you get a good one - the quality of the embossing can be a bit variable, but they're relatively cheap.

Back2bay6 have larger, square, white sheets are what seems a high price - are they worth it?

I've no feel at all for the 'real brick' slips, other than an innate suspicion that they're probably too good to be true; and you need more than you think (even if you already know you need more than you think).

My main subject surfaces tend to be brick and corrugated iron (roofs).  I'm familiar with the baked-bean-tin approach; but you've not seen the area I need to cover...  and I'm not sure the global climate could cope with the consequences of sourcing that many empty cans.

I'm interested both from the point of view of the diorama modelling (which is where I'm looking for 'quality' / precise products) but also thinking of outdoors where durability scores over precision; but where (in my case anyway) some of the buildings are enormous and the consequential cost a cause of some hesitation.

All comments, observations and experience welcome.


Note for those perturbed by the "fine..." word - I'm using it verrrry loosely to mean 'looks good at close inspection', not 'accurate' ! :-)

Added by JSJ...

Kevin I have just done a quick search and this place has the stencils (masks) I mention in my comment 

This picture is much better than my description too...

They also have a video...

Bromley craft products

I haven't used this supplier because my stencils came from a doll's house shop in York but they are the identical product by the looks of it. (JSJ)

(Cheeseminer) I've brought some of this, in the 'buff' brick colour as that suits the local clay (or it should do).  The yellow bricks in this area are curiously known as Cambridge Blues - I guess the original clay has a blue hue to it.

The "Bromley" supplier is very fast, and easy to order online - and currently free postage with orders over £30 which is easy enough.  Only one niggle is that the order process 'completed' before any option to give a delivery address.  An email sorted that - but be quick as the order status went from being placed to being ready to ship in a remarkably short time (an hour?).  Template is smaller than I'd envisaged - there is a larger size (as in area), but only for some of the patterns (in 1:24 scale, that is - 1:12 has a wider selection).

Only tried a small experimental area as yet - looks promising though the colour is very light.  Expecting it to darken with varnish or whatever I use to protect it.  Nice sharp edges to the bricks - at least when I got the hang of it (which is less trivial than in the video, unsurprisingly).

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