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Accucraft choppers

posted 22 Feb 2010, 07:41 by John St James
I have decided to change all my stock over to these 

Conversion under way. The headstock to buffer face is around 29 mm, so just under two feet for both 16mm and 15 mm to the foot. I have decided to remove the black from the face of the buffer on Kestrel (shown below). Looking at photos of full-size choppers, mostly they show a steel colour. The buffer head is too big as well, so I suspect Mr Dremel will be in use shortly to reduce the diameter, at least on the front buffer. I am not sure if this will affect the working but Kestrel rarely runs bunker first anyway. The EMR has a very efficient loco-turning mechanism ;). Views on this and other coupling matters very welcome.

The four bolts which come with a pack of two Accucraft couplers have a head which the Accucraft user will imagine are M2. Not so. I don't know what the thread size is but the heads certainly do not fit into a 3.0mm nut runner. Not even nearly. They do, however, fit into a 3.2 mm nut runner. Just thought I would mention it