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Modifying chopper to replace RH buffer

[by Paul owlpool]
This is an easy conversion and allows fitting to a RH engine with no unsightly drilling
The Accucraft chopper comes apart easily by ondoing the nut from the bottom of, and removing the hook
the spring may fly out and end up under the skirting [can't reveal how I know this]
next find a suitable bolt, nut and washer - this one was from a 13 amp socket
the head may need to be dremelled down
so that the spring fits comfortably over
Drill a hole centrally in the chopper base
Remove the RH buffer
bolt the chopper base to the buffer beam
I found it easier to remove the pony truck first
nsert the spring
reassemble chopper, ensure spring is located on bolt head and the lug on the back of the chopper
insert hook through aligned holes and fasten with nut
not exactly rocket science
I apologise if this is a bit simple for a whole page