The Matra crane gets it's first shout.

The WGLR recently experienced a minor emergency during re-ballasting work at Wetton station. One of the ballast hoppers de-railed over a trailing point. Luckily the wagon was empty at the time.
The new Matra crane, the tool van and per way brake were marshalled to make up the breakdown train hauled by diesel loco No5 "Mac".
The rest of the ballast train had been shunted away from the scene by the time the breakdown train arrived. The crane was positioned and the rest of the breakdown train pulled clear.
A quick inspection revealed that damage to the hopper's wheels and the track appeared light, so the wagon could be re-railed and towed away.

The crane was hitched up ready to lift ............
........... and the ballast hopper placed back on the track.

Job done, the crane is un-hitched and the hopper is gently pulled clear by the V60 diesel as the track is checked for damage. A grand job courtesy of the new Matra crane.