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How I adapted a Playmobil compressor into a welding unit

by Author Steve F

When we visited this G Rail, whilst wondering around the show I spotted this welder on the Model Town stand
 Once I'd painted the figure, I tried out the welding unit. The light flickered in a way that a MIG or stick welder would as you arced up o the metal. This seemed strange as the set is supplied with to gas bottles. Now, when gas welding, you get a fairly constant light, and as this flickered, well, it just didn't seem quite right. That is when the idea of and electric welding unit came to me, but, what to use.
After browsing through all of the things laying (and there were plenty of bits to choose from) about in the shed, I eventually found this small Playmobil compressor, the idea was then set in my head


After a few (fairly rough) measurements, just to check that all of the parts fitted, I took all of he removable parts from under the hood. A small hacksaw was used to remove enough of the front moulding to allow the battery to be fitted. There was just enough room to fit the circuit board beneath the battery.
Here with the battery in place


I then tested the unit just to make sure that all was working as it should


The next job that has to done, is fit a switch somewhere, this I have to look into, and as soon as a decision has been made.  You can see him at work, just follow the link . As soon as the switch is fitted and the unit painted, I'll update the page
Today, I purchased the switch for the unit, it was the smallest one that I could find as space on the unit is very limited.
Cut the hole for the switch
 Solder the wires onto the switch, then set the switch in place. Sorry about the picture quality
Unit all sprayed up and ready to go.
Engineer welding up his first job