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New Platform

By Bram Robinson

This is how I have been spending my "cave" time, building a platform. The base is presntation board (for the life of me I cannot remeber what it is called) it's thicker and heavier than corex board but is easy to cut.
This board has then been clad with coffee stirerers and stained with Colron wood dye. It took a goodly few stirers and a lot of patience. Needs a spray with matt varnish to seal it before it goes outside.
The lights came from ebay, I think they were £10 for a set of 30, I used 5 conected to 2 AA batteries, no resistors were used. They give off a nice soft light. The battery holder is on the RH side in the station footprint. The lights are slotted into copper tubes so that they can be removed.
The station is a snug fit in the footprint, complete with interior light as well. The fencing is 0 guage track suitably painted and attached with track pins.
This is a prototype bench (V1), awaiting paint.
Some B&Q moulding and coffee stirerers again and some very small bore copper tube beaten flat, I had this to hand so I used it